S&P 500. P-Modeling Pt Z. The Start of a New Era

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Welcome Hyperspace Travelers,

I am your travel guide Glitch420.

This is a 4-Hour Time-Series Analysis of S&P 500 .

This is for personal research purposes only. Lurk at your own risk.
This is a Time-Series based analysis. Snapshots taken over timeframes to model structural movement as I see it. In order to grasp what you see you must look into my past successes and failures. It is a journey only for the curious. Are you curious? I am.

Please see previous failures here---> Same narrative...
Please see PART A. The successful 3400 top call. -->
^----- We are going to make my targets from the original idea... You must go thru past ideas in order to see how we got here and what the narrative is and has ALWAYS been.

"Nothing has changed to the observing user.
Much has changed to the ignorant one;
McGyver the small details".
DXY is key. Hyperinflation cycle to DXY .
TP:: 110.
Current Price of DXY is 90.7

In order to grasp this mechanic you must open be open to the possibility that everything you understand is an illusion:

Influx of over a 700+ billion dollars will flow into USD from Crypto.
Tether is FUCKED.

The transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun.
'The Cybernetic Era of Advancement'.
This is inevitable.
This is the future.
Where you dreams are obsolete.
This is the future.
Where your dreams are within reach.

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with Me,


Comment: S&P price currently is 3754.

Time Series Start: Baseline snapshot @ 4-Hour Timeframe.

Ending TP: 1100-1080

Timeframe By July, 2021.
Comment: baseline:

Trade active: Time-Series Start:

Trade active: Beep Boop.

Trade active:
Trade active: TP 1 : 3300.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade closed manually
Trade closed: target reached: Time Series Reactivated.

New Idea.

Ending Idea with last snapshot:

Trade active: start.