S&P 500. P-Modeling Pt C. The Cybernetic Industrial Revolution

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Welcome Hyperspace Travelers... I have been eagerly awaiting you..

This is the long anticipated Part B 2.0 (C) of my S&P chart.
In order to understand my Part A chart of the S&P500 .
It is extremely necessary you go through all the snapshots of Part A. I warn you it is ungodly long. But if you want to understand more..
Please see Idea.

This is Part B. It was released recently. But I decided to clean it up and re-release the corrections made.

This is the SAME chart as PART A AND B..
These are all the SAME fractals used.
This Idea is based on a 1 Hour Time-frame.
Fractal Timing Error Allowance: No Allowance Left. (we used our error allowance Part A.) Timing Correction was 14 days, not 7 days..
Fractal Began Execution of narrative.
Thus placement of fractal window is now open. Glitch channels are now placed. Little room for error.

In Part A (press play), you will see
Except, I took that 2008-2013 sequence, inverted it and I scaled it by Cube -1.
Please see placement of Yellow Global Fractal Line in Part A. This is the big yellow fractal I have sitting on the bottom half of that chart.
2008-2013 structure will be followed once more. Except we had to account for error.
The placement of the original fractals were not moved in Part A and in Part B and Part B 2.0 (This one).
The static fractals guide formation of the glitch channels.
So I decided to Trade SPX 500, using UVXY .

I have actively traded UVXY based off SPX 500.
My entry was 19.6 and today we hit about $30.00
UVXY Target is $215. VIX is about $135
The inverse correlation between UVXY and SPX500 is < .96 >
Extraordinarily powerful. See for yourself.
Part A was legendary for me. I was able to bag some seriously awesome trades < Entry > @ 3003 & 3136 with a proper < Close >@ 3335 & 3368 respectively.

However, I did unsuccessfully and prematurely call the 'top' multiples times after we had fallen to 2200 and had the First Stimulus Package rally.
Too be honest, I am surprised we almost blew past 3400. That was incredible. But, looking at the laid path now.. I can see why.

Furthermore, you must understand that dynamic time-series based analyses are continuous.

The structure is simply laid out.
I tried to be as clear as I could, but this formation is considered a Black Swan Event.

A Black Swan Event is a cyclic reset of global asset classes in order to achieve a new baseline shift.

Catalysts for the Black Swan Event:
-Wave Two of Covid-19.
-Eviction Crisis
-Systemic Bubble Collapse from Horrendous US Presidential and Congressional Policy.
-Presidential Transition
-Major Disruption of Industrial Chains from Covid-19.
-Debt Crisis
-Healthcare Crisis due to Covid-19.
-Collapse of Economic Institutions

SPX 500 Low: $1450 by Mid-November
NASDAQ lows: $4000.
BTC lows: $955 --Idea Active--

Global Black Swan Events will lead too...
Major Transition of Power:
It is my dearest held belief we are going to see the end of 2020 be a crazier time period than the start of 2020.
Right now. It's Trump vs Biden .

Horrible Choices.

Thankfully, I deeply believe...
Bernie Sanders will REPLACE Joe Biden and defeat Trump in the 2020 presidential election by a LANDSLIDE victory of almost 83%.
Trump will be forcefully removed from the White House after his loss. Republican will lose both the House and Senate.

Of course I simply eat too much acid, as everyone suspects and none of these events will come true. ;)
or will it..
Come for the Art, Stay for the Laughs.. :)

Buckle Up though... The spring into the 4th industrial revolution is upon us.. But first...
The Execution of the Global Black Swan Event..
Happy Hunting..

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with Me,
Trade active: Baseline Snapshot.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: :) Here comes a big cajun slap.

*SHHHHCHH. Fall imminent.

Trade active: legendary...

Trade active: Mean Reversion TP is next. That is designated by the Orange/Black Box. Where TP1 is next to the rend lines and there range.

Beep Boop.

Trade active: Big moment here..

1 of 2 things may happen.

We invert the fractal at the conjunction OR. we collapse to 3050 into the fractal.

Collapsing into the fractal renderings its placement valid.
Inverting the fractal renders its placement invalid.

Decision time.
Trade active: :)

Trade active: here it comes..

looking for channel collapse

Trade active: the holy grail of rug pulls is about to get underway.

Trade active: Beep Boop.


Trade active: "eyes intensify.."

"stares at screen harder"..

do you see it? I see it.

30 minute TF.

Comment: wanna know what behind that black box.



I am making it known now.

I have something under that box.

But The path is long way down before you need to worry about that :).
Trade active:
Trade active: cajun drop detected.

sequence pending approval.

Trade active: Short Term TF 3210 by EOD 9.18.20

Massive Gap down.
Comment: I trade SPX thru UVXY.

I have an avged down entry of 20.6 right now on UVXY.

Looking for 33+ short TF
Comment: 15 minute TF snapshot. CLOSE VIEW ZOOMED>
Trade active: 15 minute zoom.
Trade active: Butter..

Trade active: its cool when you hit a TP. Its' even cooler when you predict the ENTIRE sequence.

Quantum Analysis Protocols are the future of TA.

Comment: Collapse to 3k satisfies channel wave functions.

Trade active: Active.

Comment: TP to channel collapse is roughly -9.00% drop at once.

Wavefunction collapse..
Trade active: 3 minute. Free Fall.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: I will explain shortly.

Trade active:
We simply replayed and inverted Fractal X in question. This fractal is purple. If you scroll up in the TIme-Series you will see that we nailed a nice drop but deviated at the last second. If one is to create a channel using the same fractal. We see a inverse correlation at a high number. This gives evidence of a created liquid slope potential.

The slope in this case to achieve a drop of 18% in one day is 64 degree.

This aligns us with the original sequence bringing us to $1450.00 price by election day.

I have added this information in the chart.

You have to be a detective when you look at my charts. Else you miss an important bubble of information in a time-series snapshot, and it will be gone on the next one. A dynamic trade off.

I have an order to my chaos.

A drop of -18% in one day on the SPX 500 would suggest a MASSIVE event taking place as a catalyst for this.

A successive steep slope downtrend is right around the corner and I think 98% of the market is clueless.

I hope the American People can survive this onslaught by the unabated dark money infesting our politics.

The American people need to know there is a bright future ahead of us.

We are not going to choose the lesser of two evils this time.


If I am wrong. So be it.

But if I am right...

It will be because of the modeling seen before you and the protocols set forth to create such models.

The start of the 4th industrial revolution is upon us!

The cybernetic era of advancement.
Trade active: welcome to the paradigm shift.

Trade active: hmmmmm.

very interesting..

Comment: breaking that yellow line was a big outlier. But it's so odd that purple fractal mirrors all the way still..

What if we still make our drop...

I honestly think we are about to drop -19%...

Trade active:
Comment: oh dear didn't realize i posted the wrong chart above.

This is the right one. ^^
Trade active: it just kept shifting :)

Trump has covid-19.

The Bernie Sanders scenario is now fully active.


Then things get interesting..

Trade active: activated.

Lets see how much error in depth there is.

I say -20% drop.

I am prob wrong though, because that would be fucking epic.

But still..

If we did. It would validate the glitch channel present.

Wavefunction collapse would be actualized.

Comment: notice how i shifted over the purple fractal. This is purposeful because it was still following the with a inverse correlation of .95. That is ginormous correlation of the inverse binary.

Execution was forward play of binary. We just executed a inverse binary segment. Now to see if we get a successive channel jump in the Glitch Channels.

A glitch channel is exactly how it sounds. The superposition of a conditioned segment will repeated in a static manner over and over until execution of said segment. If decode is correct, segment will stay uniform to a standard inverse/forward correlation coefficient.

Quite interesting. Quite interesting indeed.
Trade active: same purple fractal. Another alignment..

this could be the one..
Trade active: slight shift.

Comment: 1 minute view. Error is now calculating and meter is running on channel error.

Kinetic Energy is currently 5 channels deep.

That is a max of -20% drop with successive down sequences upon their collapse.

Comment: catalyst.

DXY going to 100 in one candle sequence.

SPX500 going to 2780 in one candle sequence.

Trade active: 1 minute contiuation snapshot before dxy snapshot.

Comment: slight few minute shift.

1 minute continuation
Trade active:
Comment: Beep Boop.
Trade active: invert. shift over.
current error of placement of purple fractal is

6 days 20 hours and counting... Timing Error on my part so far.

Narrative is still very active. Gap is to reach TP 3 is now a incredible -25%.
That is like legendary.

Nailing this call will be the most incredible experience.

Fractal shift keeps its inverse correlation coefficient at significant.

Comment: Read closely.

Comment: This is a narrative based on my models.

Catalyst for the first -10% drop. Trumps health declines significantly.

Catalyst for the second -10% drop. Biden is taken to hospital where he has 'mild symptoms' of covid-19 and a + test.

The next -6% is pure panic selling.

That brings us to TP 3.
Tp 1 is Trumps health from covid is poor.

Tp 2 is Biden is admitted to hospital where he has + test and mind symptoms.

Tp 3 is simple panic and despair.

This would make this sequence the biggest drop in Index history across the board.
Comment: The timeframe has to be rapid and extreme.

Because we are so close to election time.

If chaos was to ensue it would be like.. well.. NOW.
Trade active: glitch channel error and cotinution of liquidty pooling we are at 7 days and 20 hours almost. 1 weeek error.

binary inverse correlation coefficient still at .95. significant. \\

Trade active: inverse snapshots of purple ghost fractal X.

Notice timing error is the same despite positioning of fractal.

hmmhm yea.

Trade active:
Comment: execution on 7 days 24 hour

Timing Error awaiting Depth.

Trade active:
Trade active: that was sexual.

correlation still wild .

Trade active: inverse lock still .95 inverse correlation to binary chosen.

Trade active:
Comment: do it.

Trade active: ...

Comment: they have inverted said purple fractal at completion of binary 4x now...
Comment: 11 days and 20 hours of TIMING ERROR.

Said purple fractal with a binary follow thru and inversion rate of 4:1.

Pushing statistical boundaries on every front.

Criticality of Narrative now active.
Trade active: Peep that purple line.


Comment: This is the last chance for this narrative ^.
Trade active: pshhh you cant fool me.

Comment: inverse binary correlation still at .95. still significant.

The fact it keeps replaying is significant. This drop is going to be... well... paradigm shifting. ha.
Comment: stage is still set.

Comment: all the pieces are still in place.

Comment: UVXY is my play.

TP 215.

Comment: 13 days and 19 hours on fractal X timing error. Forward/Inverse 1:1 Mirror.
Comment: :).

This drop will be one talked about for a very very very long time.


Trade active:
Trade active: 14 days 20 hours error.

Correlation of Fractal X is still significant.

Trade active: redemption for glitch is coming..

Trade active: persistence and confidence in thy own work always pays off.

Trade active:
Comment: Fractal X affinity is now at .98......


What will it do...

Comment: I am watching you.

Trade active: tic toc mr wick. tic toc.

Trade active: go ahead and closelyy look at the time series that has already played out and look at the purple fractal i am stalking this trend with. look at it closely. you will see it.

I know you will.

Trade active: 19 days 1 hour and 45 minute of Placement ERROR since idea began.

The only change was a shift over over purple fractal X in that entire time.

Binary has remained significant.
Trade active: tic toc Mr. Wick. Tic. Toc.


Trade active: window opening...

Trade active:
Trade active: window opening.


Comment: locked.

Trade active:
Trade active: back to inverse.

Trade active:
Trade active: If you went thru each snapshot and really looked into what i am doing in each timeframe snapshot, you would realize; something has been replaying the same sequence over and over for over 20 days now.

Call me crazy.

But the proof is in the error correction.


Pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible, and understanding there is an entire other dimension of data hidden beneath your nose this entire time.

and i am here to exploit it for the world to digest.

Slow and steady my friends.

Trade active: Wow. the Liquid Pool captured by this channel is IMMENSE..

22 days 1 hour 5 minutes of Kinetic Pressure.



Comment: I want you to slowly use your finger and model the actualized trend VS the white ghost bar fractal sequence you see at the channel bottom. Notice how the ghost bar channel below nicely inverse:forward mirrors the actualized trend?

What does it mean? When one sequence is dragged out for 22 days?
Look at the time series... Look how I moved the glitch channel. Yet despite timinf error, structural integrity maintained above a statistical significant level on purple fractal X.

This is significant. The power of High Frequency Trading Algorithms are being exposed. They are manipulative tools.

TP3 satisfies the Mean Reversion of the White Ghost Bar fractal sequence originally placed at the start of this idea.

TP1 captures 33% of the liquid channel.
TP2 captures 66% of the liquid channel.
TP3 captures 99% of the liquid channel and satisfies wavefunction collapse. This represents a -27% drop in S&P500 in one candle sequence. Followed by FEAR selling for another -10%.

The emotional drop may be even steeper after wicking the biggest candle in its history.
I have a finalized TP of 1350.1450.

But the key here is execution of that purple fractal. Collapsing the wave function and instilling panic to the global markets.
Trade active: yawn..

Not fooling me.
or maybe I am the fool?

Trade active:
Comment: thought so.
Trade active: aligned.

tic toc mr wick.

execution or reset?

I can do this all day.

Right or wrong.
Trade active
Trade active: small bag of 3100 shares of UVXY entry at $17.08

Inverse play of S&P500.

TP 215 on UVXY.

Short Term Targets. 25-32-61

-27% sequence on S&P 500 active.
Trade active:
Comment: 26 days 3 hours and 55 minutes of glitch channeling the SAME FRACTAL over and over.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: tic toc mr wick.
Trade active:
Trade active: PERFECT>
Trade active:
28 days 23 hours and 45 minutes...

15 minutes until new cyclic opening on 1 Day TF.

This may actually be it..
Trade active:
Trade active: We now have a fully defined fractal X.

Perfectly aligned.

Trade active:
Comment: perfect alignment .

Trade active:
Trade active: le sigh...
Trade active: insert smiley face here.

Comment: RIp. Now you will understand why I did not give up.

Despite everyone in the world saying I should.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: we have another fully defined slope of fractal X...

last chance for a full binary execution with slope definition in 30+ days of glitch error which defined a month long liquidation channel for longs and confidence.

IMO of course.
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: Ok. Well.

Interesting movement, confirms a forward play of the SAME fractal.


The. Same. Fractal. Is. Being. Used.

Over and over and over and over.
Played inversely... Mirrored.
Played forward... Backwards.

The only thing that has been wrong.. WAS MY TIMING.

Fractal X is still in play.
36 days 2 hours of TIMING ERROR of FRACTAL X.

Fractal X is still the applied binary replication at a statistically significant level.

I designed these constructs and their application here is extremely experimental.
Experimental in the sense I know they work in theory, but also in the sense that their application is not perfect. And Every mistake is a chance to tweak these heuristic's.

Yes, during this time-series I incorrectly called certain parts of the harmonic string. However in some instances, i correctly called the next part of the harmonic string.

I designed these constructs and their application here is extremely experimental.
Experimental in the sense I know they work in theory, but also in the sense that their application is not perfect. And Every mistake is a chance to tweak these heuristic's.

Yes, during this time-series I incorrectly called certain parts of the harmonic string. However in some instances, i correctly called the next part of the harmonic string.
You can't dismiss an alarming coincidence with my consistency to what I have presented here...
I use a Dynamic Binary Trading Strategy.

Notice what I never did though..

I never gave up...

And this chart is still providing me with crucial information.

Dynamic Modeling is different then static modeling.

The key to dynamic modeling is having a heuristic network that allows one to adapt to conditions using strictly technical formations and protocols.

Majority of the community uses static modeling techniques. And once they are right or wrong, then thats the end of the model.

As a community we have to grow past static modeling and adopt a new dynamic approach. Of course tools are needed and protocols are needed to guide this transition. Just know that these tools exist. And you are witnessing their birth here on my page.
Trade active: hmm... 36 days exactly...

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
perfect inverse execution...

meaning timing was correct, but went exact opposite of ending move.


ouch... that hurt my UVXY position.. but damn amazing.
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: 45 days channeling.

Trade active: its honestly fucking comical.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: hope you see what I see, otherwise you are wasting your time trying to figure it out.

These posts are for me, not you :). notice how the trend NEVER deviates from this one fractal. over and over and over..

when will it execute i wonder ;).
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: over and over and over and over and over. same fractal. many months.


Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: This is my favorite one yet!

One fractal..

Comment: what i am doing is showing you all the superpositions this fractal has taken across a quadradic axis.

It is groundbreaking.
Trade active:
Comment: window open.

Trade active: wave function aligned.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: i see you.
Trade active:
Comment: wooo!

Trade active: :).

Comment: holy cheese n crackers popeye... you spinach fiend.
Comment: groundbreaking.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: continuation of time-series as of march 25th, 2021.
Trade closed manually: New Idea release shortly.

This PT. is now closed.

Pleasee see current snapshot.

Same fractals.
Trade active:
Comment: same fractals.
Trade closed manually: This model is now closed.
Continuation Chart release soon.

Formation has executed a 450+ day correlation and still going.