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Embrace the Speculator Spirit Without All the Risk

Believe it or not, online gambling is a $40 billion industry and growing fast.

Crazy, right? Well, those numbers are even more mind-boggling when we consider the two major drawbacks of online gambling — transparency and cost.

There’s absolutely no way to be sure an online casino is playing fair. Sadly, outright fraud is commonplace. At the same time, unfriendly (but not illegal) rules can run up the house’s edge as high as 15%.

Add in the high transaction costs — and delays of using credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers — and it’s astonishing that so many people still choose to gamble online. They’re truly making a sucker’s bet.

Enter Edgeless (dot) io — a type of online casino that “doesn’t stand to gain anything from distorting the outcome,” in the words of founder Tomas Lukošaitis.

By running games on Ethereum smart contracts, there is literally no technical possibility for the casino to cheat. Every single penny and random number generated for games of chance can be verified by users.

At the same time, since all gambling is transacted in Edgeless ( EDG ) tokens, a new cryptocurrency, players can instantly deposit and withdraw funds without any fees.

So how in the world does this casino plan to make money? By betting on gamblers’ stupidity. No joke.

While the casino won’t have a built-in edge like every other casino, and therefore, it won’t make money simply by having a built-in mathematical edge. The casino will make money from bad players that fail to use the optimum strategy.

This is no different than a poker player profiting from the mistakes of less-skilled opponents.

Over time, this imperfect play can net casinos almost a 1% edge, according to gaming consultant Bill Zender.

Once Edgeless (dot) io starts offering traditional sports betting, which boasts guaranteed margins of up to 5%, the casino shouldn’t have a problem generating a consistent profit.

Now, the way we’re going to profit from this disruptive business model without having to outright gamble is by scooping up Ethereum-based Edgeless ( EDG ) tokens.

Not only are they used for in-game currency, but they’re also structured to share in a portion of the casino’s profits.

Amazingly, this gambling-focused cryptocurrency is trading for less than $0.01 right now. But I don’t expect it to stay cheap for long.

The more players and the more games offered by the casino, the more profits it stands to generate. And of course, the more demand for Edgeless tokens.

The recent volatility in Bitcoin prices is spilling over to Edgeless, making now a perfect time to enter a position.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to profit from gambling without all the risk.

CALL TO ACTION: Buy Edgeless ( EDG ) on the Bittrex exchange up to $0.01 or 0.00000109 satoshis.

Stay ahead of the masses,

Seth Maniscalco
Founder, Crypto Wealth Coach
Owner, Modern Wealth Management
Founder, Trading Resource Artificial Intelligence Network (T.R.A.I.N.)


Stay ahead of the masses,

Seth Maniscalco
Author, Prohibited Profits
Founder, Crypto Wealth Coach
Owner, Modern Wealth Management
Sr. Investment Mgr., The Imperium Fund

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