An Eco-System Is Born

OKEX:EFIUSDT   Efinity/Tether
I have been long awaiting the launch of Efinity
I can't attest to what will happen with price action in the short term, but long term ENJIN and its surrounding ecosystems are posed to take over the NFT and Gaming crypto space.
Do your own due diligence and research into what ENJIN is building here with launch of Efinity and Jumpnet .

Small piece of information pulled from the Efinity whitepaper:

"The Enjin JumpNet blockchain allows users to execute transactions for free. In order to offer this, JumpNet imposes a series of limits against each address on the network.
By holding EFI on JumpNet (referred to as "JEFI"), users will be able to increase their JumpNet transaction limits. For every 100 JEFI* a user holds on JumpNet , their limits will be doubled (up to designated limits)."

ENJIN chart linked below in related ideas.

As Always,
Good Luck And Safe Trading.