EOS/USD ($3-$4 Long Term Support?)

💎Technical Analysis Summary💎


-EOS is back to the average price level after the breakout of the long term trendline
-It is currently retesting the $4 support area which is just above the key interest zone
-The recent low is at $3 so we can have a good buy interest down to the point
-Because this can be a good reference of middle support since 2018
-We just need to see if this green area holds its structure for the next 1-3 months
-And that will increase our bullish bias for long term price action analysis
-I will update this idea after a few weeks once new data is developed

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PolarHusk NusratJahan
@NusratJahan, Thanks!
strong chart for sure let's get it
+2 Reply
Nice analysis polar
+2 Reply
PolarHusk Babenski
@Babenski, Thanks mate!
What if it goes to 6 $ before plummeting back down to retest the falling line at 1.9 $
+1 Reply
PolarHusk Hamed11
@Hamed11, That is another scenario we need to watch. Thanks
I love this kind of analysis! thanks! 🦐
+1 Reply
totally agree my friend
+1 Reply
Hmm well it might as well retest the trendline as well, before going up again!
+1 Reply