EOS Still Following the Fractal Perfectly (EOY Prediction)

BINANCE:EOSUSD   EOS / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Fractal shows peak in late October, most charts based on historic evidence see the bull market ending in late October.

Blue support line matches the fractal perfectly.


Still long @3.85
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super sh1tcoin to 70usd lol
man in 12-14 was a gift of god
for guys that buy this in 2-3usd not much months ago
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@geekpe, if you call eos a supersh1tcoin then all of them altcoins are sh1tcoins except for eth maybe...
@geekpe, do some research, you come across as a ignorant child. its not even like the info is hard to find..
geekpe e5carpentryn18
@e5carpentryn18, eos is a shitcoin if you not know.....
soon came the bear market i hope you holding it at $2 ...and not sell
this was 2$-3$ not much months ago magically was pumped to 10$-14$
for "new eos exchange"... do some research not buy the fomo news..
"sell the fomo news" ....
@geekpe, lol the exchange news only came out like 72 hours ago? You're tripping bro