Eos actually doing okay

Eos has began consolidating itself again, with a nice support trend yielding a realistic view of its price action within the next following years,(long term)
For the moment short term if we see a volume increase within the 3-5$ zone over the next month that will be a really good indicator that EOS can step back into its bullish channel
the market doesn't have enough hands in the market to tip the balance from super bearish 28k> or super bullish 42k> for BTC .
things to look out for coming month:

Volume+:Even a moderate increase in EOS at the moment is a huge sign of upwards pressure
RSI+:if bears make a move RSI will be undersold.

if bears are attempting a 3.0 move for EOS they will be out of luck with huge buy walls in 2.60-3.0 region(huge support)
if both are bouncing with even moderate strength we can see a break for 5$