EOS / USDT Mid-term analysis. Adam and Eve reappeared.

EOS / USDT Mid-term analysis. Adam and Eve reappeared.

In a previous LTC / USD analysis, Adam and Eve have been moving nicely towards the target price ever since.

This shape has now also appeared on the EOS / USDT pair. Now that we’ve managed to get them into action, what secrets can we take out of them! : D

First, Adam and Eve had to be found. They are not tucked away in paradise, but plan to plunder traders. According to the data, EOS stocks have been greedily accumulated recently. Luckily, I caught them early and interrogated the situation. We are in a dark interrogation chamber. I tied them to a polygraph. Eva objects. Only the monitor light is on.
Adam and Eve deny the facts that they are trying to impose a higher dose of EOS on the treaders, thus dumping the market. We need to find out the exact circumstances of what the price level is when we can expect a dump. The interrogation begins, they have been tormented. In the first round, I resorted to the good old proven iron fork method. You just have to poke into them and they are guaranteed to start chirping! : D Don't be fooled by the simplicity of what is described. In uninitiated hands, the iron fork method does not necessarily lead to results, often “patients” confess false data. I suggest them rotate the fork thoroughly, try to stab it again, and if they manage to find the essential point, they will already start singing. The fork method was used to find out that the EOS / USDT vapor is to be trapped in a well-removed trend channel.
We have achieved some results. We are well on our way to rolling up the matter. Unfortunately, I can’t get any more out of them this way. So I had to go to a specialist. Mr. Fibonacci is a well-known figure in the Italian underworld. His acclaimed achievements speak for themselves.
Fibonacci interrogates with the pull-on method. All you have to do is pull the device named after him on the victim and they will already tell us the smallest details. They say they want to keep the acquired EOS / USDT pair from the current $ 7.7, up to $ 24.3, and then push their stocks into the market.
By the end of the investigation, it turned out that Adam and Eve were trading in the free markets, they had completed the KYC , so they had not committed a crime. They are free to leave. : D

According to the data of the polygraph, they are telling the truth, as the indicator points upwards. So they don't lie.

In order for the graphs to reveal their dreaded secrets, we need to interrogate them. If we’re smart enough, they sing like a lizard! : D

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