Will EPRTs steady climb break all time highs from last year?

NYSE:EPRT   Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc
EPRT has been on a steady rise since the crash of March 2020 and now it's challenging the all time highs from February 2020.

* EPRT's expected to deliver a year-over-year increase in earnings
* This may cause the price to go higher and make new all time highs

* EPRT's approaching it's all time highs and is expected to break above due to its earnings coming up.
* Not much volume but it's relatively stable volume coming in

Trade idea:
* Now would be a good time to get in if you want to be early
* There's not much volume so we may see a small rejection from the resistance point

* For a conservative approach look for a daily break above $29.34 before jumping in.
* A rejection from $29.34 may send it to retest the support of $28.70 so look for buying opportunities there as well.
Comment: We saw volume coming in yesterday and break the all time highs.
Trade active: EPRT broke out with high volume and is now using $29.34 as support for the past 3 days since the break out. I've placed an order to enter at $29.60 and a trailing stop at $28.88 which was the low before the break.
Trade active: Trailing stop is now at $29.71 making the trade in net profit.