Ending diagonals bookend the pre & post-election surges?

pythagoras Updated   
The ending diagonal triangle that started Nov. 1st with Comey letter seems to be mirrored by this week's final? surge. Multi-scale wave trend Fractal Resonance Components show mirrored embedding patterns (gold ellipses) on the 2-4-hour and 8-hour (30min*16) oscillators. The 8-hour oscillator gave the most clearly profitable buy signal Nov. 4th.

The down arrows illustrate our crossover signal blocking principle for detecting embedding oscillators. Before acting on an overbought(sold) crossover, make sure the lead line of the next slower timescale (row below) has not already reached the shaded overbought(sold) range. If it has, wait for crossovers on slower timescale(s). During strong surges like this week and first week of November, this principle chains downward several timescales. At end of first week of November it chained all the way down to 16-hour timescale (last row) where it (partially) failed as Sunday Nov.7th futures gapped up 2% before the 16-hour registered its crossover buy.

Blue circles mark other key crossovers that similar heuristics can help identify as locally dominant timeframes.
So far so good. The 8 hour (FR_COMPONENT(16...) row) has now crossed and we we're down a bit today after popping the top of the diagonal triangle at futures open Sunday night.
Today's further surge has caused the 8 hour oscillator to turn back up with a bold green dot, canceling yesterdays red sell dot. This likely invalidates the 8 hour as a dominant timeframe, so we will start watching the 16 hour (FR_COMPONENT(32...)) row on this chart for evidence of termination of this strong up trend.
16 hour is STILL 2% from rolling over though 8 hour crossed back red last night and yesterday's high was clearly now a local top. As you can see these dominant crossovers are instructive but not foolproof at isolating tops and bottom.