Neutral 15min-4hr oscillators portend S&P fireworks tomorrow!

pythagoras Updated   
Over past 4 days S&P has obviously formed an ABCDE triangle. Note how this has caused the upper 5 timescales of wave trend oscillators from 15 minute to 4 hour to settle into 'neutral' near 0 midline. This fractal oscillator behavior is typical for triangles, AKIN to a Bollinger Band squeeze? This oscillator signature preceded a dramatic 10-15% decline in gold miners in October, but they were already in a downtrend not uptrend as here. This could be a 4th wave triangle with another 5th wave in uptrend to come, but 16 hour oscillator has already rolled over extreme overbought. I'm not sure which way this triangle will break, but I do expect a dramatic move tomorrow! What do you think?
We broke up out of the triangle about 5 points but all those neutral oscillators have already reached overbought again. I think we're gonna need a larger correction to reset oscillators at least as much as December 4th before this can rally substantially.
Playing the chart forward you will see that 15 minute through 2 hour oscillators drifted up overnight but have now rolled over with red sells. Expecting a down day tomorrow.