KRAKEN:ETCEUR   Ethereum Classic / Euro
Looking at the chart now and how it behaved prior to the 2017 boom, you'll find a lot of similarities. If ETC does follow it's previous path, we can expect a significant upwards movement in the coming days (probably around May 21-25).

Best-case scenario = 16 EUR
Semi-best case scenario = around 13 EUR
Worst-case scenario = 9-10 EUR

RSI , MACD & Fab all show similar signes as well.

Let's see what will happen :D
Comment: Sorry off by 2 days... but here we go :D Next stop... m00n
Comment: CUP & HANDLE clearly visible now...
Comment: As expected... here we go...

Big resistances @ 8 EUR and 9.50 EUR

Comment: Sorry my bad... resistances:

- 8.00 EUR
- 8.37 EUR
- 9.42 EUR
- 10.77 EUR
- 12.36 EUR

We might see 9:42 pretty soon, perhaps even by sunday. 12.36 + (unless ETC goes mad) might take a bit longer. But with the Atlantis fork schedules for mid september we might see a significant boost in June/July
Comment: Perfect time to buy some more :D Will go down a bit more but should recovery by tomorrow. Especially, since EOS will have its big day tomorrow. Check the MACD to se when things will improve.

Comment: All good... 200 MA & 50 MA just crossed (golden cross). Everything going as expected and shown in the first picture. Compare for yourself.