ETC/USD: Bullish butterfly Pattern

COINBASE:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / U.S. Dollar
Ethereum Classic forming a bullish butterfly pattern. This it's an Harmonic Pattern and it's bullish signal. We're in Daily timeframe and also, Ethereum Classic make support in the EMA 200. So, in medium term, Ethereum Classic could to move up toward $60.25 USD next resistance key and $78.28 USD next up 2nd resistance key. The 2nd resistance key it's my target in $78.28 USD. So, Ethereum Classic it's bullish .

Now, in this screenshot, I make an analysis of Elliot Wave Cycle and we pass the Elliot Wave cycle and Elliot Wave correction. Right now, Ethereum Classic coud to forming a new Elliot Wave Cycle so similar in the past when Ethereum Classic went from $7 USD to $130 USD aprox. Then, Ethereum Classic pass for the correction toward $130 USD toward $40 USD in average. Right now, Ethereum Classic continue ascending in this model where forming like a channel, but I called it what this could to make an explosion in the price in the incoming months.

So guys, what do you think of Ethereum Classic like investment or making a position trading in the market price $51 USD aprox. and put the SL in the $35 USD approx and my target toward $1,000 USD and keep this positon trading during months. This could be a extraordinary profit of over 1,800% if you keep this position during the next months. But yes, using a small average but depending the collateral what do you use for deposit your crypto assets. You can to use 25% of your 100% of your collateral and keep this posiiton to generate your favorite cryptocurrency.

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So, I just entry in this long position toward $78.28 USD. This it's my target and I entry around of $51 USD and I put my SL at $40.50 USD. Now, I think that Ethreum Classic in my own opinion it's that has future, I do not going to invest in this cryptocurrency, but in the future, I may to interesting or I can to make a small leverage to invest a position trading and keep this position trading until $1,000 USD just keeping this position during months.