ETCUSD by request repeating bounce off support b4 breaking Hi

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / U.S. Dollar
Look for this to come down and recheck the support before it goes up to break the previous High. Also called Re-accumulation. If you look back its repeating this move over and over....sometimes support doesnt hold and it comes back down to the last level of support and starts over. So make sure its following the right path. You can also use the same VWAP I am using in the image and when the first green candle closes above the cloud after the dip.......Thats your trigger to get in. Again Im not a financial advisor do not follow my trades blindly do your own DD. but this is what I see.
Comment: Already in the load zone it could go deeper....but if you look at the wicks of the two dips down....the wicks are one confirmation of accumulation...also the second wick if it remains where its at when it closes it will be a higher low compared to the last one......which could mean signs of possible lift and rising demand. so again wait for the dip to the yellow or below the yellow then once it starts to resurface get in....or play it safe and wait for the first close of a green candle above the green line
Comment: theres that dip....ok now we have to wait for it to get back above 55 before this even looks attractive and shows signs of support
Comment: It came down because it didnt close above the green line so its checking support like i said and when it goes back up if it closes above the green line it should be good to go