ETH.D Impending Breakout, Cup and Handle on Weekly

ETH.D has made a massive cup and handle on the weekly that has dated back to JULY 2018. This is the weekly chart so the strength of this move can be absolutely huge. Although we have not broke out yet I believe we will. We have tagged 20 numerous times but we been consolidating between the 20 to 17.5 level for weeks, never dipping below it. The fact that we are consolidating right below 20 and not dipping below 17.5 shows me there is a high possibility of a breakout above 20. The chart also looks to have a MACD crossover about to happen, RSI is at a decent level (lower would've been nice) but there is enough room for significant push upwards. This combined with the fact that many other alts and BTC look to be reversing ( Bullish divergence on 4HR charts for BTC , LUNA, BCH, DASH, LINK, BAND, ADA AND SO MANY MORE!) and BTC fear greed index at 33 FEAR ( has given me reason to believe this is a great buy time for many alts and we could be getting ready for a huge rally upwards.

Trade safe and remember. The market does not care about you!