ETH 2 phases and why we need it?

Hi friends
today i want to explain ETH 2.0 phases in short.
like you see in picture above it explain our need to ETH 2.0 so
i will summarize phases below:

Phase 0 : Beacon Chain
Phase 0 is the name given to the launch of the Beacon Chain.
The Beacon Chain will manage the Proof of Stake protocol for itself and all of the shard chains.
Once Phase 0 is complete, there will be two active Ethereum chains.
For the sake of clarity let’s call them the Eth1 chain (current, PoW main chain) and the Eth2 chain (new Beacon Chain)
During this phase, users will be able to send their ETH from the Eth1 chain to the Eth2 chain and become validators.
(They will NOT be able to migrate this ETH back to Eth1)

Phase 1 : Shard Chains
Shard chains are the key to future scalability as they allow parallel transaction throughput
and there will be 64 of them deployed in Phase 1 (with the possibility of adding more over time as hardware scales).
Shard validators, who are randomly selected by the Beacon Chain for each shard at each slot,
merely come to agreement on each block’s content.

Phase 2 : State Execution
Phase 2 is where the functionality of the entire system will start to come together.
Shard chains transition from simple data containers to a structured chain state and Smart Contracts will be reintroduced.
Phase 2 also introduces the concept of 'Execution Environments (EEs).
Every shard has access to all execution environments and has the ability
to make transactions within them as well as run and interact with smart contracts

hope this article is useful for you.
thank you all for your supports.


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