Etherium versus Bitcoin: Chart Edition. Bull or Bear?

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
The beauty about crypto trading is:
1. 24/7 wordwide. You can trade on the worlds crypto exchanges from anywhere that's not authoritarian
2. The charts are beautiful
3. The crypto industry is getting legit. bad players are getting shown the exit. Don't hold fake "stablecoins" unless who know which gangster/bankster "backs" them. Hint: Pay VERY ATTENTION to UK Regulators and BAD crypto exchanges their harbor in the British Isles!

Most important, TradingView provide wonderful perspective by comparing Key Pairs. The ETHBTC pair shows us Etherium is bulling compared to bull Bitcoin so, it's VERY Bullish.

Can the markets change directions? Sure, but from this summer, most people could see that the tide is turning between these two "blue chip" cryptos.

Crypto Allocation:
Etherium 40% ETH (the DiFi blockchains and payment powerhouse with ETH2's low gas fee, high speed and payment focus)
Bitcoin 40% BTC (The King of Crytp, battle tested, hard limit, no single head)

Altcoins: "This can't be real but heck, let's join the profit parade LOL" 20% FOMO fever, bull cycle fun
DOGE : Shitcoin, joke, meme, community supported
SHIB: Purely a hype play, don't fall in love, eye the exit doors before other do!
TROY: Long short shitcoin with great TROYBNB pattern charts to trade hard and sell hard. Wear gloves and don't trust hype coins... Troy could make a good "trading pairs - how to zoom in to pending moonshots comparing coins between each other"