ETHBTC continuation Strategy

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If you are afraid by the risk and the volatility , ETH is the best play for you nowadays.
Clear horizontal support coupled with the EMA200 are doing a great job on this setup.


Hello, on what do you build the thesis that the 200 ema will keep ETH compared to BTC in a growth? i do not say it wont though.

But alot of the price movement has been because og different factors like the defi hype, eth 2.0 project and other small reasons.
what are your thoughts on the continious growth?

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a felllow trader
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NovaBlocks RasmusSChristensen
@RasmusSChristensen, Good question
I have put icons below every points of decisive bounce with the EMA200.
The more it has been used as support, the more it will act as a support in the future
@NovaBlocks, Thanks for the answer,i wasn't aware it would function like this. i will definetly keep an eye on this, and then lets see what we get.
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