ETHBTC LONG PLAY - Plustoken-who?

BINANCE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
-- This was posted previously but it violated TradingView rules regarding links so I'm posting it again without links -

Hello, since a lot of people were asking I decided to start posting on Tradingview and see how this goes.
Don't expect lenghty posts explaining every single thing, my time is limited, but I'll do my best to get my point accross.

Vertical blue lines on the chart represent the time at which I was streaming and gave out the call (I review about 50 coins per day so it helps me to organize and see what I said about certain coins)
Green boxes/horizontal lines: If it says Scalp, you use it once. If it says buy zone, it's an accumulation area.
Red boxes/horizontal lines: If it says Scalp, you use it once. If it says sell, you sell it there or put a stop and trail it.

For now you'll see charts with notes from the past (I've been streaming since 2017), but I'll make sure to update them often here. I play alts and bitcoin .

I do EVERYTHING on video, there's not a single box there that I touch while offline, this is verifiable on my Youtube Streams. Streams are free, go in, ask stuff, just be respectful, that all I ask.

As always, I'm posting ideas, it's up to you to take them or not. You click the buttons, this is not financial advice.


I'll be updating this idea as time goes.
Trade active: Take advantage of the btc climb and reload now.
Comment: https://i.imgur.com/GuMbrHx.png <- Picture of the IDEA that violated TV's rules on links (got deleted, im just leaving it here for historical purposes).
Comment: the eth entrance is fine ( went from 128 usd to 145, btc value is just adjusting)
this is a BUY RIGHT NOW at 0.0175
Trade closed: target reached: Target reached. Keep it if you have it for that 0.021 sell.
Trade active: Rebuys at 0.020 and high 19s