To the Moon! (and back to Earth)

KRAKEN:ETHEUR   Ethereum / Euro
Hello, as Crypto market is about to make new ATH´s or partially already is doing so, i present to you my Market Top Prediction for the next Leg up for Ethereum .
I chose the EUR pair because USD inflation f*ck´s up the Charts.
This Fib setup indicates the top being arround 12500.
Lots of people seem to eye 10k to sell, so there may be another little bulltrap to my target of 12500.

Im suggesting start selling partially as soon Eth makes new ath´s (like every 20% a little) with major sell´s arround 10k

As i think crypto is overrated in it´s current state with 99% of coins/token being cash grab´s and Btc not keeping its promise of a E-cash system (scaleability) i project an insane crash afterwards.

A lesson from 2017: Sell when everybody is talking about crypto (like when theres a article in every medium about btc /crypto) aka when you grandma ask´s you if she should buy some Btc .
I expect this to happen in the coming month´s, with top being likely once again in December.

Comment: One catalyst could also be that the SEC is labeling alot of Coin´s as Security´s and making them illegal to trade in the US in the coming month´s.

In the last weeks spokesman already made hints toward´s this scenario and i would take that very seriously.