ETH Fib Time/GP/Weekly Supply

BYBIT:ETHUSD.P   ETHUSD Perpetual Contract
ETH is currently rejecting at the GP pulled from the August 14th high to our most recent low, which coincides with the weekly supply zone around 1680. At the same time we have a macro fib time pull, marking off Thursday October 27th as a significant date - typically the fib time pulls indicate either a top or a bottom and historically they have fallen on some other critical pivot points in the past. Considering the major resistance that we are currently facing, there is a good chance we will see a retracement from here. I am starting to notice similarities between our current price action and this fractal , which I scaled up to fit. It would also agree with the idea of a retracement from here.

I also have a second scenario in mind, but either way I believe ETH will end up in the macro GP from ATH / last weekly fair value gap up in the 2400-2500 area. I will post the second idea shortly.