BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Using history as a precedent: bear in mind that circa Q118 (when BTCUSD was at its ATH ) of roughly 23$K est. USD; ETHUSD was at 1300. Meaning 10% of the price with 1/8th the market cap.

Why is it when we retrace with a higher high at 10K we are looking at ETH at a staggering $150 est. on avg?

Some of you might've heard about ETH 2.0; some maybe not.

Why this is relevant is pertinent to how the cryptotrading game & market indicators will determine the priceaction of our entire 'way of life' moving forward.

So if you've heard about ETH 2.0 [I will follow up with an oped on medium or steemit or something..perhaps YT as I"m still working on getting that up) -- I highly suggest you read up on it.

Needless to say it's not something I can explain in a short TV publication.

What you need to one is one key fact: hard forks -- particularly those on top 5 market cap tokens/coins, esp. one as consequential as ETH (for without ethereum there would be no coinmarketcap; change the course of everything we think we know about a token & where they're headed.

So this isn't so much as a forexsignal; moreso a prelude to a much larger discussion on the value of smart nodes/contracts, why ETH is just as safe (IMHO) to bet your money on for a SUPERLONG portfolio in a cold storage wallet somewhere...and why I firmly believe the end of 2020 ushering in 2021 is going to be a massive year for ETH.

Stay tuned for more!

Yet in the meantime; those of you who are swing trading -- 'ive provided horizontals for TP 1-3 with TP2 (blue) being the pivot & as always: the main horizontal: red == stop-loss

Personally I don't have an exit point, just a stop loss at all times as ETH is one of those tokens that will never leave my portfolio (short/long/forex/store of value) for the sheer simple fact that it is quintessential & the overall coinmarketcal's existence is conducive to ERC20 smart contracts & the pivotal doors they've provided access to.

The majority of your favorite tokens (there is a distinct difference between a coin & token...if you don't know that much I suggest you read up on that as this discussion is not intended for novices) were formed under ERC20 smart contracts using API nodes created by Vitalik.

Long story short: ETHUSD is not going anywhere but up for the long term future of cryptotrading. I'd highly suggest you look into it. ESP . ETH 2.0

Peace & Love

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-Ahmed T.

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Note: This is strictly conjecture based on my own technical analysis and not any information based on any sources from the GOP Or federal government/treasury dept / ay institution of any form this example is for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any other use. Please invest responsibly and make all decisions based on your head; not your gut. Any projections or figures provided in this analysis are Forward-looking statements And have no basis Other than my own opinion and not information related to the GOP , SEC or wall sf in general. Just the wiz doi