ETHUSD GDAX - Distribution Schematic #1: Wyckoff Events & Phases

COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
As usual, I'm copying and pasting the chart within this comment section for easier viewing and reading of text bubbles.

The following is a link to view image of Distribution Schematic #1: Wyckoff Events & Phases:

The following is a link with "basic" understanding of Wyckoff and his teachings:

Famous quote of Wyckoff:

”…all the fluctuations in the market and in all the various stocks should be studied as if they were the result of one man’s operations. Let us call him the Composite Man, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and manipulates the stocks to your disadvantage if you do not understand the game as he plays it; and to your great profit if you do understand it.”

I will have more information to come as things progress. I'm currently preparing dinner for my wife and son who are sick. I believe I have come down with it as well but I'm pushing through it.

I will create a Wyckoff Schematic for LTCUSD in the next publication to come very soon. More than likely within the next 4 to 8 hours.

Happy Trading and All the best!


Note the new yellow text bubble!

The ABBREVIATIONS DEFINITIONS have been updated by putting everything in alphabetical order. Those definitions will be included in most all Wyckoff Schematic charts and publications in the future.

I'm still very much "LONG" on this pair. Anyone considering a short position now is flirting with getting squeezed and left behind. When this goes up, it will be a "Terminal Breakout" in my opinion.

I'm basing my confirmation of this pair about to go up soon off the indicators you see at the bottom in each TF. Especially, the 2 Day and 3 Day TF's. Which see:

Comment: Simply an update for my own personal reference to refer back on in the future. ETHUSD still very much a "BUY" in my book. Still long on this one for sure.

Comment: This is simply to provide an EXAMPLE of the DISTRIBUATION before the Up Thrust AFTER Distribution (UTAD) at the end of December/Early January for ETHUSD. You will also see the Final "Test" of Demand in the UTAD Phase C before the Major consolidation event.


Comment: I still see plenty of room on the 2 Day TF for this October/November Wyckoff Spring to Late December/Early January Dump. Not to say there won't be dips along the way.

If you go to BTCUSD BitStamp to the 3 Day TF and mark a vertical time line for each dump and vertical time lines for the beginning of each spring (increase in price) you will see what I mean by my "Pattern Analysis" of April/May Spring to June/July Dump and October November Spring to December/January Dump.
Comment: Looks like it may be ETH's turn for liquidating Long positions and shaking out weak hands. It is my opinion that one should not use margin on longs unless you've made entry at or near the bottom of a test in a phase within a schematic. And the reverse for margin shorts when at or near the top in an Automatic Rally. That was one of the reasons for leaving "???" next to LPS (Last Point of Supply) on this chart. I should have posted it when I placed the LPS on the chart.

Here's the Daily for visual update:

Comment: Disregard THAT CHART. IT WAS ZECUSD... My bad
Comment: I have to go to the 2 Day TF with ETHUSD as usually. Mainly, to get rid of the "noise" I see on the indicators in lower TF's.

Here's the 2 Day TF:

Here's the Daily TF to simply show what I mean by "the noise."

The blue line on the top indicator has just not touched the 80% marker. Can it go higher than 80%. I believe so; based off what I'm seeing in the 2 Day TF.

Comment: I'm still seeing a few more days of downward pressure on ETHUSD:

Comment: Looks like a BIG MOVE may be coming up .

Comment: Yes, I could be wrong on this but it sure looks like it to me.
Comment: That's one scenario...
Comment: Update on "Potential Episode"

No indicators:

Comment: Update:
Comment: Certainly looks like it's going up to me. Yes, it could dip soon based on where the green line is located in the 180m TF for Phoenix 1.118. However, that green line could potentially remain above 80% for a while too if it goes full bull soon. Hard to say if it comes down again much before continuing up.

The 720m makes me believe it's going to head up for a while before considering coming down.

Wyckoff ACCUMULATION Schematic #1 UPDATE: We are about to enter PHASE E in this ACCUMULATION Schematic. WHY the CAPS? Cause Phase E in an Accumulation Schematic is a WONDERFUL THING. ;-)

Comment: Phase E means the BULK of the accumulation is over and we're about to go upside [As depicted in that link to image of Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic #1 I provided previously.

We're approaching time for this baby to go up to EVENTUALLY take profits in my opinion.

Yes, most ALT/USD pairs have taken a hit each time BTCUSD has gone up. They (Composite Groups) have dumped on them repeatedly. NOW they have many gun shy to get in on the ALT/USD pairs. Do NOT believe it will be like this forever. No?
Comment: What I'm about to post here will also be posted in the ZECUSDT publication. So, no need to read the same thing twice.

This is for those who have not taken the time to read the links I've provided in regards to Wyckoff Phases within an ACCUMULATION schematic:

Phase D: If we are correct in our analysis, what should follow is the consistent dominance of demand over supply. This is evidenced by a pattern of advances (SOSs) on widening price spreads and increasing volume, and reactions (LPSs) on smaller spreads and diminished volumes. During Phase D, the price will move at least to the top of the TR. LPSs in this phase are generally excellent places to initiate or add to profitable long positions.

Phase E: In phase E, the stock leaves the TR, demand is in full control, and the markup is obvious to everyone. Setbacks, such as shakeouts and more typical reactions, are usually short-lived. New, higher-level TRs comprising both profit-taking and acquisition of additional shares (“re-accumulation”) by large operators can occur at any point in phase E. These TRs are sometimes called “stepping stones” on the way to even higher price targets.
Comment: TR = Trading Range
Comment: Only posting this chart for future reference in my portfolio:

Hi, break out is here as per your charting ! quote "posting this chart for future reference in my portfolio" can we have the full chart (extended view). thanks.
ProwdClown Bingolion

Not sure what you're referring to. I simply posted that chart for me to look back on and for future clients to look at if they question my crypto trading analysis and trading history.
Bingolion ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, I meant a more extended view: where the channel will go up, beyond Jan 2018. any view on this or still analyzing the trend> cheers.
ProwdClown Bingolion

Still waiting in that regard. Got to see where we end up with our ATH before going there.
It works :-)
Nice chart I really like!
Thanks! Yes finally Go Up!

Well, lets hope so. Looks like it's ready to me. Not saying this very moment of course. The volume is low at the moment. However, it will pick up. When it does, it's going upside instead of downside in my opinion.
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I just came to know about your Distribution schematic method... I m still going through the literature. one comment thought about your application to ETH chart above. UT in Distribution schematic #1 is supposed to be higher than BC which is not the case here. any explanations ?

ProwdClown Bingolion
@Bingolion, What Wyckoff provided was only examples. It does not always play out that way. Especially, in crypto. That was "basic" media on Wyckoff teachings. For more advanced, I recommend these 8 videos. However, go over the "basic" one several times before going into the "advanced."

And here:
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