ETH - Up or Down? Will BTC dictate all crypto prices?

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Yesterday we had jet another unusual turn - ETH did not drop. For the last few days ETH has been rising faster than BTC , however, last night ETH slowed down and BTC picked up again tipping the scales. Forecasted ETH/BTC rise stopped at 0.046 (short of 0. 05 ) and now dropping. This suggests that all crypto markets will rise at least until BTC reach 40-41k (possibly going for new ATH ).

Stay alert for today, as steep rises and drops are not out of questions. The market is testing for the peak and as soon as whales sense that it is a peak everyone should be for a watch of a steep drop. At what price this new peak will be uncovered - no one knows!

Today's technicals: Forecasted highs are at 1770 and 1800. Forecasted lows are at 1650 and mid-way point fast-rising to 1580.
Have fun trading!