Visualizing Stochastic energy for perfect entries

The stochastic RSI has always been a problem tool for me because of its clunky look erratic lines and the way it seems l....r each other and sometimes it doesn't.
I've always felt like the stochastic RSI had these energy waves built into it that we weren't able to see because if there's an uptrend of the stochastic then there has to be an equal or greater downtrend of energy pushing it in the other direction but what if there isn't more than that energy and what if this is a perfect balance between the two energies.
This would imply that either that there's a divergence of the energy related to how price is closing or there is a pause in the energy because they're balanced between the two and of course that means your price will pause and run flat as well.

In this video I talk about the proper way to use this new indicator and the way you used to use the stochastic RSI.

Using the information as video and the images that I plot out on the screen you'll be able to see when you should do you should enter trades long or short and why you need to know where your support and resistance lines are as well as whether you're breaking above or below your moving averages.

Let this video be a first class tutorial on perfect trades using a stochastic RSI but like all other indicators you cannot use it by itself make sure that you have confluence on your price chart.

PS as always welcome to the coffee shop.


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