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Hi There Everyone Im Kris and this is my Analysis for ETH. Its not perfect but Im open for criticism

We are now in consolidation phase and we are waiting for a direction will it GO UP or GO DOWN

Scenario 1: (Purple Arrows) BULLISH
It will try to hit the resistance again and slowly break it

Supporting Criteria:
But for me for this to be successful if must be a slowly but surely, if suddenly it is a strong momentum from far away it is likely to fail and I will readily short 20USD(because im only poor can only afford to sacrifice 20usd) leverage 50x from the resistance hehehe
1. EMA 10 and 20 are stil in uptrend
2. We didnt break the trendline yet it is still holding out despite the many times it was being tried to break
3. RSI came down from overbought to slightly below it.. and pointing upwards gearing for another up
4. There are attempts to Break the EMA 10 and 20 but they are holding out somehow there is a strong rejection pushing the price upwards
5.Accumulation still going up almost reaching the previous high
6. Looking on lower time Frame 1 hour and 2 hours there are many attempts to break this support but it is still holding out bulls and bears fighting for that position
7. EFI indicator is showing some signs of life.. it is starting to point upward means there is a potential of buyers coming in

Scenario 2: (Red Arrows Arrows) BEARISH

Supporting Criteria:
1. Looking at the MACD and RSI
MACD: is going towards an bearish Direction
RSI: we are still near the Overbought Position
2. Lower Timeframe(1hour 2 hours) there is a Head and Shoulders forming

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