Ethereum, Local trend line is broken. We are still in a range

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ETH, Local trend line is broken. We are still in a range
Comment: 🚨🚨#Ethereum - Hit 1st goal✅. I think it might stop at the trend line.

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Comment: 🚨#Ethereum, value area is broken. 2nd goal achieved.

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Trade closed: target reached


Looks interesting. for those who are interested, I recently did an interesting analysis on MACD. Even though its a lag indicator, my approach using different timeframes gave almost no fake signals over a medium period. Here is it in case anyone wants to try it out: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ETHUSDT/FKxKnfrA-Ethereum-Local-trend-line-is-broken-We-are-still-in-a-range/#tc6487285
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Possible ETH pullback? Hmm
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How do u think EIP 1559 will affect the price?
Hello Yuri, thx for the insightful analysis, as always. BTW, if I may, can i ask one newbie question, where do you get the charts where the volumes are shown as horizontal (and not as vertical) bars? I was trying to find this among various indicators, ut so far has ot found. Thx a lot if u r willing to share.
Mudrex mr_lu
@mr_lu, I think the one you are referring to is the Volume profile visible range...you go to indicator--> volume profile--> visible range
mr_lu Mudrex
@Mudrex, thank you for your advice, knowing how it is called made it then pretty easy to find it :-) WHat surprised me though was when i tried to put the volumes bands with the support and resistance levels at some of the charts which i follow more closely (THETA, TFUEL, DGB, SOL, ETHBTC etc), there was not much of a correlation, even on different time ranges (1H-1W) This is something i really did not expect, coz usually, when ppl show the volumes on charts, they usually are aligned w the S&R pretty well. This will need more study i guess! Once again, thx @Mudrex.
Interesting idea as usual! Agree.💡