Bull Bear Power Void - With trending background

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To get this indicator on your charts (remove the old one from your favs and your chart if you have it already)
otherwise just go to this link and add it

Welcome to the coffee shop everybody in this video I am discussing the new changes to the bullet bear power void. There have been some changes to the coding because I did see your messages discussing that it was difficult to see the trend ribbon in the background so now you have an entire background that adjusts its color depending on whether the trend is positive or negative or if there is no trend.
go ahead and watch the video for the results on that one hand I also took the time to show you guys how to see a Divergence in your volume up against your price.
along with that you can also see when you should and should not re-enter the market for a continuation trade.

Black background means there is no volume or that profits are being taken off the table.
Red background means that the volume is trending bearish .
Green background means that volume is trending bullish .

One way to spot a Divergence or a slowing down in the trend is when your volume column brakes outside the void at the same time you get an equal color background, Look at the height of that volume candle and compare it to the last time that you got a similar color background with a column breaking outside the void.
If your volume Is closer to the void it was in the previous one, then you do not enter this as a continuation trade.
If you are trading bullish then your new re-entry has to have more volume than your last re-entry.
If you are trading bearish then your new volume has to be lower than your previous volume