Ethereum (ETH) - July 3

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( ETHUSDT 1W Chart)
Your current location is the previous highs section.

The previous highs are important support and resistance zones from a psychological point of view.

Therefore, it is expected that an important trend will be formed by the movement out of the 714.29-823.56 and 1475.0-1728.74 sections.

Below 714.29 is likely a mid- to long-term investment area, so careful trading is required.

If you look at the rise and fall of the 1049.0 point, you can see that the rise is larger.

Therefore, the 1049.0 point is a good point to start buying in installments.

I think the point where individual investors will start buying is when it rises above the 1728.74 point.

Therefore, if you proceed with a split purchase with the thought that it will fall to around 714.29, you will be seeing a profit of up to 140% more than the average individual investor.

When you start investing, the important thing is where you start buying.

However, it is quite difficult to buy at a very low price point.

Therefore, you should start buying in a way that lowers the average unit price by gradually buying in installments when you are within critical support and resistance zones.

The second important thing is to always have cash on hand.

If you buy using all your cash, you end up making a stop loss due to a psychological burden, and it is easy to suffer double losses.

Also, when a new great opportunity comes along, you may miss it.

The third important thing is to create a trading method to make your mental state stable.

Before proceeding with a purchase, you should have a rough idea of ​​where to buy, number of splits, amount to buy, stop loss points, and sell points.

The reason is that once you start buying, the criteria for judging continue to change according to the flow of the price.

It is important to read the flow of the chart and proceed with the investment.

However, more important than the flow of the chart is whether you have established your own trading method.

If the trading method is in place, no matter where you start to buy, you can find a way to make big profits with little loss.

It is recommended to use objective indicators to read the flow of the chart.

Since the indicator is lagging, if you use it to trade, you are more likely to buy at a higher point than you think.

Therefore, you should set up support and resistance points on indicators and price charts and utilize them.

(1D chart)
We need to see if we can find support at the 1049-1128.53 zone and move up along the uptrend line.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------

** All indicators are lagging indicators.
Therefore, it is important to be aware that the indicator moves accordingly with the movement of price and volume .
However, for the sake of convenience, we are talking in reverse for the interpretation of the indicator.
** The MRHAB-T indicator used in the chart is an indicator of our channel that has not been released yet.
** The OBV indicator was re-created by applying a formula to the DepthHouse Trading indicator, an indicator disclosed by oh92. (Thanks for this.)
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee a profit or loss in investment.

(Short-term Stop Loss can be said to be a point where profit and loss can be preserved or additional entry can be made through split trading. It is a short-term investment perspective.)


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