How to create auto trading bots for zero cost

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Hello Everyone,

Following are the things we discussed

🎲 Minimal Components of Auto Trading System:
  • Source where signals are generated
  • Exchange/Broker where orders are placed
  • Integration component which bridges both

🎲 In this example
Source - is our tradingview system and a sample script which generate alerts. Do not use this script for trading as it is only created for demonstration.
Exchange - We are going to use BingX exchange for this example as we only have this implementation in our integration system.
Integration System - is used for integration. This is cloud based integration product which is very flexible. Platform also allows users to contribute towards the product. Hence, it is very easy for us to develop integration to any broker or exchange which has API support.

🎲 Limitations
  • BingX APIs are fairly new and hence there are not much features. There is no option to place stop order.
  • It has option to place only limit/market orders
  • Stop loss is not possible via API

🎲 Steps:
- Create account and enable perpetual futures trading
- Setup google authenticator and add valid email and phone.
- Create API - it will ask for Google authenticator code and email and phone OTPs.
- Store api key and secret key in safe place.

- Create a script which can send stop, target, ticker information as signal.
- Study the existing idea about customising alerts for better understanding on how to achieve this.
- Create account and setup BingX as source (needs API Key and Secret Key derived from BingX)
- Create Webhook trigger and capture webhook URL.
- Provide this URL in alerts to generate alert messages which are sent to webhook by default.
- Once alert is sent, load the alert in pipedream source and built rest of the workflow including calculate leveraged position and bracket order trades.
- Once tested, deploy the workflow so that workflow will keep listening to incoming alerts to generate trades.

Please note: the discrepancy in leverage calculation caused due to two things:
  • Lower timeframe used for generating faster alerts. Since the volatility is small, gaps can be huge.
  • The workflow did not run at once. Hence the delay caused rest of the issues resulting in miscalculations.

These problems however will not come when orders are placed via alerts and executed automatically.
Thanks everyone. I have added generic API plugins for bybit and Kucoin to you can also make use of them to build auto trading bots.


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