Special Analysis: The super strategy correlated!!!

FOREXCOM:EURGBP   Euro / British Pound
In this special analysis, I show two pars:

1. Euro /Sterling Pound
2. Sterling Pound/ U.S. Dollar

So, in general, in both pars we see a good opportunity of both of 200 pips o earning. The difference is that one of the long position and the other hand is for short position.

Euro/Sterling Pound:

1. In Daily or H4 timeframe we see that Euro is into the demand zone .
2. Sterling Pound has issue in the UK government and No-Deal Brexit
3. We see that Euro formed a bullish rising wedge , that show a good objective of the profit of 200 pips!!!

Sterling Pound/ U.S. Dollar:

1. In Daily timeframe o H4 timeframe we see that Sterling Pound is into the supply zone .
2. Sterling Pound has issue in the UK government and No-Deal Brexit. that will resume that we could have a more issue in United Kingdom has we see the past fundamental key that I writing in my technical analysis as:
a. Restrictions in the UK coronavirus in the UK system political, hospital, enterainment, universities, business and all UK market
b. The UK goernment want to provide a negative interest rate in United Kingdom putting in warning the Brisish currency.
3. Investor's has in eyes a dangerous cautions as the British economy is set upon by months of uncertainy as we heard towars the winter months-and Brexit.
4. As the same time, we suppose that United States it's going into the post-recuperation about the U.S. stimulus package for american citizens , american business and more!!!

That is my comparasion about what United Kingdom is enfocous in their plans. So, I believe that we see the Euro and U.S. Dollar agains the Sterling Pound is save the safe haven assets at the moment in cases that the British currency is goes to warn the thins in the No Deal brexit negotiations and more restricions seriously in United Kingdom. So, I see that Euro /Sterling Pound is bullish and Sterling Pound/U.S. Dollar is bearish and bouth in medium term!!!

Guys, if you like this comparasion and correlation about the difference of Euro and Sterlign Pound, and U.S. Dollar, please give me a like and support this idea that other traders and people know this secret information that you will need to take in noticed it and to put this analysis in the top!!!


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