OANDA:EURJPY   Euro / Japanese Yen
Order Blocks : Candles opposite of trend direction right before the trend
Ex GF : 2 huge candle same size with opposite color starts and ends at same place with huge opposite volume ( u can track volume on footprint charts )

why price react to these areas ?
market is 2 way street , big boys love to enter the market when lots of ppl either have to exit or make wrong prediction .. for example when everyone think price will go down .. institutions will provide liquidity to them and buy their shorts . price will go down few pip but main direction is still direction of big boys ( Central banks, institutions and hedge funds )

meanwhile there are some small hedge funds and institutions who also think price will go up .. big boys have to provide for them too so that price can move to desired location faster ! that means big boys will be in loss when they provided liquidity for buyers , so now they either have to close in loss or break even .. when is best time for that ?

when is best time to close orders with profit ( buy scenario ) ?
after taking prev high and grabbing liq from stop losses or buy stops , there is always liquidity above or below recent price structures sometimes this liquidity moves a little but u can track it with help of advanced ATR indicators

when is best time to close books in break even ?
after reaching prev order block . like i said they were providing liq to sellers and buyers at those order blocks .. means they have to close those orders that were opposite direction . why they provided liq for winners ?? price must clear all the orders at one price levels in order to move to another price level

also its so easy to track strength of buyers and sellers with help of Gann
look how most important block orders created near the Gann lines . its all mathematically driven ! its all Algorithm !