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Safe is the closing of half of the order when the profit distance is equal to your risk, that is, in such a way that the profit from the closed part of the order is equal to the size of the stop loss loss, if the price movement does not go in our direction.

This is important in order to fix the profit on a part of the order, and set a stop loss equal to the profit on the first part of the order for the rest of the part, then we are in the market without risk!

But here it is possible to move the stop loss to the point of entry into the market after the distance passed by the price equal to the risk, then if the price turns against us and closes by the stop loss, then we will be in profit

In 65-70%, if a technical entry goes to "plus", if you entered correctly, in other cases the deal will be closed by stop loss, but thanks to the SAFE there will be no loss!
These laws are already guaranteed to allow you never to drain your deposit and, as a result, start earning

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