Imperfect Bullish Gartley Jan 2020

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Based on the ordering of the 4h chart candles, we can presume by looking at it that there is an imperfect bullish harmonic pattern . This outcome has led already to a first spike last Friday and sends the message that additional bullish runs are possible.
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Comment: The pair went bullish today, it's been a gain of at least 20 pips. Cheers!
Trade active: Scalping on the way down - 10 pips.
Trade active: The pair seems to be consolidating.
Trade active: a healthy bearish run, final target 1.1095
Trade active: Target achieved. The retracement was really wide. Tomorrow, bulls could charge again.
Trade active: Strong signs of gbpusd and eurusd going bearish. My TP1 is at 1.1114
Trade active: The bear run did not hit my target but it did come close. Now, bulls are charging. TP1 is at 1.1144
Trade active: TP1 achieved
Comment: It's going bearish again. TP1, 1.1140 (scalping)
Trade active: It continued the bullish run but now has reversed. We might close the day somewhere between 1.1140 and 1.1150.
Trade active: A third bullish run happened. I believe we could retest the 1.1160 area tomorrow.
Trade active: The 1.1160 area was retested. Bears are leading again.
Trade active: The price might go above the 1.1160 area. There is a strong bullish sentiment.
Trade active: US data came green, the bears are leading again.
Trade closed manually


short da ponzi
RCtrader2 CryptoKittie
@CryptoKittie, Yes! Doing it right now :)
Price is expected to move higher towards 1.1390 & 1.1458 at higher high - So hold on in their.
RCtrader2 UnknownUnicorn5176330
@UnknownUnicorn5176330, I'm a scalper and a day trader at best, so if it ever moves there I might have traded 2000 orders :)
Nice Work.
RCtrader2 UnknownUnicorn5176330
@UnknownUnicorn5176330, Thanks! I didn't expect to see this move on a Monday after the uncertain situation in the EU session.
Good Man - 1.1079 as Low and Support Level -
Price is expected to move higher towards 1.1390
As Secure Resistance Level.
RCtrader2 UnknownUnicorn5176330
@UnknownUnicorn5176330, I am not sure it's going to move to that area, but if it does then I hope it's easily predictable :).
@RCtrader2, Yes it will - time is the only requirement.