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Buy when price is LOW.

If we do not buy, Yellen would be under pressure.

There is this still one misconception when it comes to $ and yield. Many still think that high yield caused $ to be strong.

Actually, the truth is the other way round - a strong dollar causes yield to rise because less people will buy bonds denominated in USD - it is just getting expensive.

With more bonds needed to be sold in the coming months, something has got to give in - my guess is that it is the $. S need to weaken - perhaps considerably - to allow more bonds to be sold and most importantly, to reduce yield. Lower yield also means lower interest to be paid.

Also when looking at USDJPY, we can see some sort of 'intervention' happening - some say Plaza Accord 2.0. Looks like a strong dollar is beginning to hurt.

Buy with SL slightly below previous low.

Good luck.
In a single quick move, sellers got wiped out.
Who is in control?
Price reached the upper demand zone - absorbing the 'nutrients' here for a while. Looks like the chances for further upward movement is good.

A weakening of the $ here is quite significant in view of the rise in US10Y. Likely that $ will continue to fall as described above. The next important thing to watch out for is USDJPY. The chances for a DROP in USDJPY can be said to be higher now. I think a high probability of BOJ raising 'above expectation' tomorrow. The FED can't do it alone with raising rates. They need BOJ to 'contribute' in order to 'cool down inflation'.

Watch out risk assets.

Good luck.
The upper 'Demand Zone' @ 1.0720/40 is also an area where it is also a 'Supply zone' - this is why price get kicked down twice as buyer trying to absorb sellers. But with price hitting high 1.0753, I think it manages to break through. Price will likely rise smoothly soon now that all supplies are taken.

Good luck.
Order cancelled:
I think fear is coming and the usual flight to safety has started. Market is nervous even while attempts to weaken the $ continues.

But it looks like it is better to wait till after FOMC - a crash may be imminent.

Good luck.

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