Open Close Cross Strategy, WIP

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A little work in progress, nothing really new here, just "simple" open-close cross trend trading strategy.. but of course with a dash of my own flavour.

So it got less simple..

You can use simple open/close series crossover, or use your preferred brand of MA instead.
needs a lot more tweaking before I actually go ahead and publish the script, but still fairly functional as-is.

Feel free to make the chart your own and have a play!..at your own risk.. and stuff..

Comment: ** A little bit more description **

The strategy simply places an appropriate order in the direction of the crossover/under of the open and close.

You can choose an MA type (and associated inputs) to plot the open and close series, and thus refine refine control a bit, or you can choose to just use the straight up open and close series data with no modification.

Further refinement on profit, loss and draw-down can be achieved by using and adjusting the trailing stop value, and the offset.

This script really is a Work In Progress - I can't stress that enough - I need to get more live data in order to refine it, and try and fix issues when using alternative resolution to current chart(s).

For the moment, either un-check the option to use alternative resolution, or simply match it to your chart.

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