Has EVIO found the bottom?

EVIO is an independent 3rd party lab testing company that specializes in marijuana/hemp/ cbd analysis.
I randomly scanned the QR code on a CBD preroll yesterday and noticed the PDF test results were produced by EVIO .
I have been holding EVIO since 2016 or 2017 after extensive research, and I was surprised when I saw the aforementioned PDF .
They have signed an agreement in late 2020 with a company that will provide them more testing nationwide.
I'm looking for a breakout of this wedge , hopefully to the upside.

Twisted Hemp website (for research purposes) where you can find the linked lab results, with the EVIO logo at the top:
Comment: OUCH! This hurts to look at. I don't usually get calls this wrong, but I guess I'm emotionally invested here. I did load up a fair amount at the time of this chart, and I still have faith in EVIO as a long term play.... like I have for the last 5 years haha.