UNISWAP:EXRDUSDC   E-RADIX / USD//C (0x684b0...e9a5f)
Radix. Strong fundamentals. Layer-1 infrastructure project.



1/ L1-projects narrative.
Radix stands out against "Layer 1 solution" landscape. Fundamental research over 8+ years. Great team.

2/ Tech fundamentals
- Vitalik's trilemma solved (security, scalability and decentralisation)
- composability (dApps are building blocks of DeFi, more complex features/apps can emerge on top of only seamlessly interconnected dApps sets. Analogue from PC era: Semiconductor = dApp, Integrated Circuit = dApps "Lego set"
- easy-to-use tools compared to competitors (easy native language & blueprints to build dApps. But DYOR, I'm not a dev)
3/ Future significant releases/roadmap milestones (major Radix features are yet to come to light)
4/ Strong and dedicated community
5/ In terms of benchmarks/evaluation ratios, XRD has a decent room to grow to meet L-1 project's evaluation ( mcap )


1/ low liquidity/still not on major CEXs (Coinbase, Binance...)
2/ no "triple A" funds on board (but the other side - opportunity to get some XRD at a great Risk/Reward level)

TA + PA.

1/ TA doesn't look great tbh, but take a look at 15 Sept event (full unlock). There was a dump from only 1 whale (probably it was a mistake) of 15 mln eXRD on UniSwap which was completely bought out within 2-3 min.
2/ Since 15 Sept we haven't witnessed any significant sells after full unlock. Only slow bleeding on declining volumes. Community dedication confirmed.
3/ 1st and the last resistance - 0.17. Then - price discovery .

Entry: 1st - 0.095-0.11, 2nd - 0.085-0.095
Stop: HODL or below 0.08 with confirmation on W1
Target: 1st - $1 (x10)

Strongly advise to DYOR Radix project and tech details! There's a lot of educational stuff on their website regarding DLT technology and L1 solutions.
And yes, I hold a bag of XRD.
Comment: Oct, 21: breaking up diag resistance. Wide-spread green candle on decent volume straight from $0.097-0.1

Good buying opportunity in 0.113-0.118 zone (retest of diag support/resistance)
Comment: Approaching the first and the last resistance ($0.17-18 range) on the way up...
Trade active: wow
Comment: wen $1 sir?
Trade active:
Continuation pattern detected: breaking up diag resistance. Waiting for retest...