Ford is Breaking Out!

Ford is breaking out! I bought some $13 Calls a week or two ago for .07 a contract and am currently up over 600%.

On this weekly chart you can see the breakout from a long bear trend. I am experimenting with the harmonics so let me know where I messed up, but I'm think I'm pretty close and that this is a valid projection. My target for Ford is $21.90 by August 2024 lol.

On the 4hr you can see the gap that I think will fill as we back test support. If this happens I will look to add to my current position and open some new positions with a longer expiry.

I am LONG Ford! Owhoooo!
Comment: I adjusted the green fib levels to be more precise. Target is $21.73 by 2024.

Comment: Trying to fill the gap!

Comment: It missed by 2 pennies lol.

Comment: Looks like a falling wedge on the 4hr.

Comment: Owhooooo!

Comment: I think we are on track and will see the trend continue to the upside as it looks like a confirmed breakout of a falling wedge after consolidation.
A back test around the green support box would be perfectly normal to me.
The measured move (yellow dottted line) tells me a good estimate of the time frame and price target. I think this is part of a larger, multi-year uptrend for Ford that has just begun!


Comment: Ford is right on schedule! Owhooooo!
Comment: On this daily chart it looks like Ford is breaking out of a bullish pennant! Owhoooo! The target is north of $17.

Comment: My target is $17.01 for this breakout! Owhooooo!