NASDAQ:FCEL   FuelCell Energy, Inc
In part 5 I noted how I thought it was suspicious how retail heavy stocks were all suddenly trending up but to drive that point home look at FCEL , SOFI, NNDM , IDEX 15m time mark and you'll see a upward trend begin after august 20 (last Friday). Super Sus imo.

On to the matters at hand, as found in an article from investor place, "High valuations and a relative lack of catalyst have been the main culprits," in why they suspect FCEL hasn't been getting the attention it needs.

The main reason this is a long play is because the global economy is shifting to renewable energy vehicles one, and many investors (myself included) hopes to see this return to the pre Feb 8th highs of $28 give or take.

Two key catalysts the article covered
-upcoming infrastructure bill (Oct. 1st)
-China move into the hydrogen space

Personally, for the time being there is only one true catalyst and that is the infrastructure bill. Granted China as powerful as they claim to be has been on bs all year from the bitcoin crashing to the dictator like control of wealth hindering the likes of BABA and NIO . So, imo if China enters the space soon, yes it may push investors more into established American based stocks but too unpredictable for my liking.

Concerning TA

both the 1h and 15m times look sketch we've broke the suspicious bull trend line discussed above and are fighting to regain directional strength. as the days get closer to October 1st we may see a buy the news sell of anticipating a spike after the bill passing (Hopefully).

TITLE TO ARTICLE: Fuel Cell Stocks: Why BLDP , PLUG, FCEL Stocks Are Getting Green Today
If this helps you let me know, I'll add Fundamentals to my TA.

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