FCPO TRADING : 301) consolidation and a bearish gartley pattern

this is haidojo and the number is 301 ...

today is 14th Sept 2021 and fcpo-nov21 is going to end soon. In two days or less, fcpo-dec21 is going to emerge as the new third active month.
We have been in this sideway since the retest of the high near the end-of July 2021. It is almost 2 months now. Adding on to the chart is that, now we are having an "ascending triangular pattern" which could break on either side. If the price breaks below the previous higher-low at 4100-4180, then we might have risk a reversal to the downside. If the uptrend continues, then the price will move towards the previous high ranging frm 4476-4525 and even break the recent high of 4560 and create a new structure high.

Sideway is bad for my trading style as I trade following the trend. So as u see, there is a bearish gartley pattern but pls DON'T enter now as it is a late entry now. ...and I don't trade advanced pattern in fcpo...because there isn't much advanced patterns in fcpo. Average 8-10 trades per year. Don't trust my words 100%, go test for urself. Believe ur own eyes and brain instead of senseless rants I am saying here. Do the same thing to the rest of the "gurus" out there. As recently, I see more and more unlicensed, marketing gurus try their very best to pretend as traders and trading masters.

You probably ask, " How do you know? How do you know they are not real? "
Answer, "It is simple. Look at what they promise u. Normally 3 things. 1. U can learn trading fast. 2. U make tons and tons of money with little or less experience/modal. 3. There is ONLY ONE way of trading, which is their way. They hold the "holy grail/loopholes" in the system and if u use other method, u are going to lose money."

I know some ppl don't like this kind of comments, but for whatever reason, I think I need to warn ppl especially frm Malaysia, as I see more and more ppl claim they are this ...they are that...but when prompt to show their trading records and such, they will start gibbering. If they are those who really been through the trading struggles and live to share their stories and experience, I welcome these ppl . They are the light at the end of the tunnel. PLiz don't hide behind the mask of a trader whose real identity is a marketer who sells course for a living...I have been scammed many times by these marketers pretending as traders therefore I despise these ppl so much. It is already a troubled time. Don't add burden to the ordinary ppl and those who really try to seek the way to trade for making a secondary income.

IF you are frm Malaysia, stay safe. juz go to work, buy groceries and go home. Get vaccinated.

*plan your trade and trade your plan... gud luck*

higher resistance : 4476-4560(the record high)

immediate resistance : 4300-4335

support : 4100-4180

lower support : 3880

: this is juz a trading idea...trading stocks, futures , cryptos, warrants, CFDs, spreads, options or forex might incur a huge risk to your account/funds…DON’T LOSE MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD…any idea(s) of trading in this episode SHALL NOT be regarded as a hint of BUYING or SELLING. It is MERELY a trading journal and it has been used for educational purpose only… trade at your own risk!