FCPO TRADING : 302)into the abyss....no man land

this is haidojo and the number is 302 ...

Today is 1st Oct 2021 and fcpo-dec21 is the active month. After a long awaiting of consolidation since July this year, fcpo price finally made a move which breaks into a new structure high yesterday, 4598 high and closed at this all-time high. Yes, that is correct. You are witnessing a history being made right now. This price and level has never been reached before, therefore I named it as the "no man land".

As the excitement grows, so does the danger which lurks behind the high price, as I am watching it right now, it opens at slightly lower level, 4550++...but still very close to the highs. The closest support I am observing is 4525, the previous highest close ever in mid-aug this year. As long as the price doesn't break lower than the support of 4320-4374, then it is still considered as uptrend...

Another move we need to take note is, as yesterday, the last day in Sept, fcpo-dec21 opened with a gap-up of nearly 90pts++(closed on 29th Sept at 4451 and opened at 4544). A gap could mean a continuous of the trend and also could mean an exhaustion gap, depending on what will happen next. Watch out for Double-Top formation or any kind of gap-down-go-down scenario in this week. That could becomes some kinda "head" formation and indicates a possible reversal...IF none of these happen, uptrend prevails...bull still has strong grip.

IF you are frm Malaysia, stay safe. juz go to work, buy groceries and go home. Get vaccinated.

*plan your trade and trade your plan... gud luck*

resistance : 4600 -???

immediate support : 4525-4560

critical support : 4320-4374 (bull is valid till here)

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