28 july = dax best sl is ?

always on dax ( even gold ) for SL use 15min chart last clear low/high understand?
if you cant find clear high/low, according robot calculation best sl on dax is 40 point ,best trailstop is 40 point too

best size on dax = for per 1000$ balance max 0. 01 lot (for dax =10 euro per point ) for example if you are in dax futures FDAX with point value =25 euro , for 1 lot buy you need min 250.000$

what chart say =
can you see pinbar in low ? if pinbar low break dax can go down (14850)
dax if bad news not comes going to fill upper gap (then 16000 ), you can put limit ordees on green,red arrow (very powerful place) with sl=40 trailstop=40
if bad news comes, dont inter sell ,still looking for buy above green arrow on chart (trend is powerful + and AC indicator show buyer and + trend will comes)
secret=on dax 90% looking for buy (with sl=low or day low, dont pick sell signals(3 time more risk than buy)!!! weekly chart trend(main trend) is + from 1950