A Simplified Approach to Trading $FD

BATS:FDX   FedEx Corporation
Alright, let's make understanding FDX (FedEx Corporation) stocks as easy as possible. It's like going shopping, but with stocks instead of groceries. Here's the breakdown:

- Wholesale prices for FDX stocks range from $148 to $162 per share.
- Retail prices, where we want to sell, are between $250 and $262 per share.

Now, let's simplify things even more:

- **Orange Zone:** This is when FDX stocks are super cheap, like a great deal, between $148 and $162 per share.
- **Blue Zone:** Prices are fair here, not too cheap but not too expensive either. It's like buying something at a regular price.
- We don't want to buy when prices are too high; it's not a good deal for us.

So, what about FDX right now?

Currently, FDX is selling at around $250 per share, which is right in the retail price range. It's neither a steal nor too expensive. So, it's in a zone where it's worth considering.

Looking at past patterns, selling around this price range seems like a smart move, considering what buyers and sellers have done before.

To sum it up:
- Keep an eye on FDX when it's in the retail price range.
- Avoid buying when it's too expensive.
- And if you're thinking of selling, the current price range of $250 seems like a good option based on past trends.


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