$FEAR is read for 2X or 3X. Don't be scared, but by $FEAR

*This coin is NOT listed on Binance and only on KUCOIN, I have created an account just to get involved in this spicy 2/3X play*

- As you can see, $fear price has consolidate heavily since its release
- Fear now looks ready for upward movement to break out of the consolidation phase
- Long term indicators look ready for bullish price action

- Targets are $2.30 (local high), and up to 4$ (technical ATH )

- Of course we can never be right 100% of the time: SL @ 1.25 ;)

- This could be a slow burner, however it is definitely worth waiting 2 weeks or more to see this 2X and then potential for the 3X returns
- My hope (as it is a relatively new coin is that we see the upper target of 4$ in a matter of weeks)

- Check back for updates

As always, Happy Hunting
Comment: Edit; this is of course contingent on no large BTC dumps in the coming weeks..