FIL-USDT Is Heading For a Disaster - Short or Get out NOW!

Chart shows a bearish divergence.

Lower volume , lower RSI tops, but higher highs with price.

It might pump a little higher but heed my warning, this is going to be a disaster for anyone who buys in. Short the heck out of it!

Take profit at 180 conservatively, or take profit long term at 90-120


im out now selling all 🥳💵💵
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I am selling
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cache_that_pass dabeastalen
@dabeastalen, That is a good call. Don't be surprised if it pumps up another 10 dollars or so.. it is possible (not likely though). We do well to remember to look at what we do have, especially when it comes to gains, rather than what we missed out on after the fact. I would feel good about selling right now, no questions asked. Thanks for the comment
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So go post this on r/satoshibets and get those crazy people on board with shorting this coin already lol.
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Someone knew when the dump was coming, and exactly how much would be dumped. Look at what happened today on FILDOWN/USDT. $2.6bn bought. 12hrs later, the dump hits the highest level in the zone in which they bought.
The analysis is very accurate lol, thanks for sharing
was buying $40 and is enough for me 😂😂 but look at the buyer wall still hype
@bayfoxtrot, Their hopes and dreams will soon come crashing down and their pillows will be soaked with tears tonight (maybe tomorrow).

I used to ride the euphoria train when I was a noob, but after losing all of my money one time.. I vowed to never do so again. I think FileCoin has long term potential... I like the concept of the project. But no one will use their service if the fees to store data and use their service have to be paid in FIL coin - especially if that FIL coin is $20 one day and $250 the next day. Is that a solid business model? No way. It will find it's true value with time and level out.. but right now is not that time. For all we know the devs could exit scam at any time and walk away billionaires.
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@cache_that_pass yes its true, i always ride the euphoria train but know my limits 500% from $40 is enough for me😂
If you got in at $58 then there's not much to complain about 1-2 months later!