✴️ Filecoin | Trend Reversal (Name Your Altcoin #30 ✅)

KUCOIN:FILUSDT   Filecoin / Tether

The market has two main cycles, bear and bull or up and down. GREE and RED.

Once one cycle is over, the next one starts.

This can remove a lot of the complexity of buying and selling.

So, can we make a case for the bearish wave to be over for Filecoin vs Tether (FILUSDT)?

If the bearish wave is over, a bullish wave follows... But we can have bearish waves within bullish cycles and bullish waves within bearish cycles.

Corrections in short.

In a period of 623 days, Filecoin dropped by 99%. That's -99.02% from the March 2021 All-Time High, to the December 2022 All-Time Low.

We have that one on our side... The bottom is likely in already based on the simple fact that altcoins tend to correct between 93-98% on their USDT pairs. This one went beyond and hit 99%.

The next signal is the trading volume.

I mentioned this one tons of times in the past but then moved to some other signals... Some of you might remember it.

We have really high bear volume in August 2022.

As a new low is hit in December, this bear volume is much lower... Telling us that the bears are exhausted.

We can also spot a 5 down-wave pattern.

When we can easily count 5 waves, the current move is very likely over.

What follows is a correction which in this case would be an upward correction a or full change of trend.

The change of trend would signify the market switching from bearish to bullish.

These are very strong signals.

Anyway, we don't have to guess or be right. If I am trading, I just need to define my support levels, define my risk/stop-loss.

We can have two stop-loss based on personal risk tolerance or trading style.

A short-term one and long-term one.

Everybody has to do their on thing so I am only sharing some info that you can use the improve your own trading, confirm something, learn or just be entertained.

Short-term, $4.00 is the main support.
One or two weekly sessions/candles closing below this level can lead to closing a trade.

Long-term, the Dec. low.
If FILUSDT closes below $2.32 once or twice then any bullish potential has been completely removed...

Now the good part.

  • Any trading above $4.00 is super-bullish.
  • Any trading above the $2.32 December low and there is potential for FILUSDT to move up and grow long-term.

Thank you for reading.

Thanks a lot for your amazing support.

Here we finish Part 3 of Name Your Altcoin.


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