this coin has been interesting to say the least. several years now rangebound and honestly not a very good return. my worst investment in my crypto portfolio and a total laggard. to me this either means that this coin will rally extremely hard into the end of the bull run, or basically it just is rangebound and slowly dies off. Probability says that is will most likely fade into irrelevance, but I have hope for the project and the team. And FIRO has some of the best technology in the space. However, it is a high risk play here to hope that it catches up with my other bags and I think I will most likely be proven wrong.

My current plan is to just hold and wait and see, however, my current expectations is to see bitcoin somewhere around $300,000 end of bull run and FIRO at $8-10 range with random low liquidity spikes up to $25-30. Definitely a bummer to see such a great project struggle, but some of these 2017 coins just had too big an allocation to whales and they continually dumped for several years preventing any momentum from building in the most important part of the bull run. If FIRO manages to gain some momentum it will need to run vertically for several months to be able to reach previous ATH's and make new highs before the end of the bull run. With the bull run counting down daily and FIRO struggling to gain any strength but only show weakness on the USD and BTC pairing it honestly doesn't look too hot.

I'll hodl strong with the FIRO diamond hand team, but in the end we need some serious luck to make a push to new highs in my view.

Good luck team FIRO and may the less likely outcome be the one we see.