FIRO - about to start a major bull cycle

Looks like this is the final leg of capitulation on $FIRO. the team has been steadily developing for several years regardless of price action. They have now developed some of the best privacy technology is the space and have increased their security and learned from their faults. I think this coin has very limited downside risk potential now at its current price level and has insane upside potential. This coin has been in an accumulation range for 3.25 years now. I expect this to come to an end in the coming weeks and for a major reversal on market structure. Very excited to see FIRO start its first major bull market.
Comment: i believe millionaires to be made in this coin over the next 1-2 years.
Comment: After 4.57 years messing around in this range I believe FIRO is ready to start working its way out of the range. Don't sleep on this coin. I think whales will come in soon and see the deep value buy of this coin. yellow box is the accumulation range and you can see that we claimed the upper bound of the range which according to trading principles means we should go back to that range high and we have claimed that level.
Comment: channels and levels not bs btw...
Comment: if we dump any more then $4.48 would be the all in level.