this could be a great scoop if she gets listed on coinbase

OKEX:FRONTUSDT   Frontier/Tether
yearn team is what made this go in first place. project it self recently switched core focus to defi due to yearn team N a coin base listing could crazy pump this short term hodl (longer term is wAIT N SEE? ANDRE C gives no Fs n does this just to do it so if something crazy happens i wouldnt be that surprised. if i take a position its for the coin base listing then cut n run....

Comment: this is one we have not personally played on yet.

matic n BSC r cool with the down side being _even if for the user_ is a well disguised side chain which will never be mass adopted by the "builders" devs etc. due to security, cross chain friction_ scalability issues. These set ups r great for swaps etc but if it is not possible or easy to move large amounts of liquidity back on to ETH or whatever quickly cheaply etc this will limit scalability for even this no gas angle. With out integrating into the ethereum machine _ internet _ via snarks, roll ups n eventually sharding the side chain game will def capture market share _ESP WHEN really only layer 2 n def the first option 2b LISTED ON coinbase _ but side chains will be in a constant battle to balance cross chain ease of use and security and everything that comes with that in between

this is where we can start to look at other layer 2 projects to capture that matic coinbase hype.... as YFI via FRONTIER ZKS LRC etc catch up (dont forget about polkadot n ethereum's optimisim_UNIV3 deal) this should more then supplement the next year or so of low gas swaps until ethereum scales enough for another big round of mass adoption.

AS FAR AS ALTs_ look for utility _true utility in Cross chain friction reduction n ease of use AND easy to use fiat on n off ramp utility in the form of visa (basically just pre paid but still cool as h3ll) crypto cards or No KYC or easy to use whatever. as far as exchanges n swap fees go it is a race to the bottom... so for now think about sushi crv frontier even occ projects via ada eco system that provide cross chain swap options rooted to ethereum or and eventually wherever the "real liquidity is" for that specific asset_token. Cardano wants to have an on centralized exchange toggle etc option to do cheep swaps via ADA blockchain kinda like matic now.
(card starter n OCC r the ada ecosystem launch pads where u can get in super early on new projects these launch pads take on

for now this is why 1inch n uniswap r so important. this is where all the money is parked.... 1inch breaks up big swaps across multiple dexs to get best return n greatly reduce slippage common on larger liquidity swaps( think hedge funds etc here) or want to launch a new token or whatever where do u park the money UNISWAP n SUSHISWAP SNX 1INCH ZKSwap n now even defi via loans etc are in the same mix _AAVE MKR COMPound. then in this mix who keeps up, adapts, and finds there roll as this giant transformer of this new internet is haphazardly built (ETH head BTC heart DEFI side chains layer 2 n so much more here but u can see it or at least ur own version n decide whats the legs arms etc if that makes sense)

also as a side note i feel as regulation takes shape security n privacy tokens like HAP! BLANK SCRT n the OGs like MNR etc will be very very important. (ROLL UPS like ZKS do something sim. esp if taken a step further)

anyone got any feedback with swapping on matic BSC or LRC??? how about the steal on ZKS under 1 USD